Heart - Dice Dens!

Made from solid wood and hand sanded to perfection. These amazing dice holders keep your favorite dice safe and at the ready.

Custom Lighted Dice Trays

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I just received my trays and couldn’t be happier with them. All of the materials used are high quality, and my trays are beautiful. It is obvious that a great deal of workmanship went into these trays. The LED lights shine out from the side panels and adds a cool lighting effect to the table and my miniatures which was unexpected but awesome. I am going to a 5E game with my wife tomorrow and we are excited to finally be able to use the ball bearing dice we got as a wedding present. This wasn’t really an option before getting these trays.

Nick V

Since getting the tray home yesterday, it has been in near constant use (likely not the best use of it, but it does make an awesome getting up in the middle of the night light!) After a few games sharing the tray, my daughter asked if I could get her one. 🥰

For those of you eagerly awaiting your trays, you will not be disappointed! The guys are blazing through the process at a brisk pace and I was lucky enough to visit the shop and see a variety of trays people chose, and honestly, there is not a bad looking one in the bunch.

Chris M

Featured artist

New themes for the Dice Trays are coming soon!

Indigo Kelleigh, our artist and friend from LunarBistro, has been documenting the process at his Patreon. Check out his work by clicking below.

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