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Why we’re different

Many small, successful businesses have started in garages and basements. With the help and guidance of many incredible friends and family, RPFAB is following a similar path and growing into a successful endeavor which continues to support our family. What separates us from the rest is our strategic and intelligent approach to helping new customers with problem solving and development before they invest higher dollars into molds, tooling, prototypes, and production. We make sure your goals are well defined and challenges are understood.

Attention to Detail

From planning and reviews to ensure we understand your project's goals, to execution and follow through, we work diligently through every stage of your project. This results in fewer surprises, more on time deliveries and more consistent and higher quality final projects. Complex projects can be easily managed regardless of where you're located. Less stress is better for everyone!


While we work on diverse projects, manufacturing engineering and mechanical design in the technology sector has been the main area of focus of my career. I've spent significant time designing and manufacturing consumer friendly products, documenting the assembly and quality needs, and following up with fixture design and testing station design. If we can't do what you need inhouse, we have vetted resources to assist.

Our Philosophy

We focus on results to delight our customers by continually exceeding their expectations, creating visually appealing and functioning products and building a small business culture that rewards innovation and creativity. We embrace change and innovation and look for new ways to grow our organization and ourselves.

Quality over Quantity

With a focus on quality over quantity, we spend more time with individual prospects to help you grow your business, building relationships that lead to more success and more value for your company in the long-term.

Planning and Design

Our inhouse capabilities allow for quick turn around planning, design and prototyping. Products designed for manufacturing will be more simple to produce with fewer issues, costs and schedule delays.