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We are a small business workshop dedicated to making high quality products.

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My professional career is manufacturing and product design and development. ( I take pride in being able to bring teams of people together to achieve common goals.  I also enjoy designing new products – many of which we manufacture inhouse.

I enjoy combining art and function in my small business shop.  Turning, machining and making items from wood, metals, plastics, leather and even stained glass. My wife loves to sew. We created RPFab LLC to share our ideas and products with the intention of bringing people together in playing tabletop games, role playing games, craft projects and solving puzzles.

The product that started it all was the 7″ Lighted Dice Tray.  We’ve since branched out into custom work and even book nooks!

A perfect fit for every game

Designed by our Kickstarter Backers

We made a few prototypes of the 7″ Lighted Dice Tray and started to talk to people and shop owners in the area. It was well received so we decided to try our first Kickstarter. We got a great deal of good feedback from our backers. From this we created lighted and non-lighted versions in 7″, 10″ and 14″ variants. The campaign successfully funded!

During our Kickstarter, we made a commitment to manufacture and ship over 150 unique Dice Trays in time for the end of year holidays. Within a 2 month time frame, we created and delivered to both our USA and international backers.  Post Kickstarter feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Continuing to grow with 'Blank Canvas' Book Nooks

A tiny world on your book shelf

Book Nooks are a narrow diorama scenes with no specific scale often themed around a book, movie or place captured in time.  They can be simple or include complex features such as mirrors and electronics.  Our ‘Blank Canvas’ Book Nooks are designed to take some of the technical challenge out of getting started and provide a high quality wooden box for a professional finished appearance.

RPFab Blank Canvas Book Nooks are laser cut in the USA using the best quality Baltic Birch and supporting materials.

Now available here! 

I just received my trays and couldn’t be happier with them. All of the materials used are high quality, and my trays are beautiful. It is obvious that a great deal of workmanship went into these trays. The LED lights shine out from the side panels and adds a cool lighting effect to the table and my miniatures which was unexpected but awesome. I am going to a 5E game with my wife tomorrow and we are excited to finally be able to use the ball bearing dice we got as a wedding present. This wasn’t really an option before getting these trays.
Nick V
For those of you eagerly awaiting your trays, you will not be disappointed! The guys are blazing through the process at a brisk pace and I was lucky enough to visit the shop and see a variety of trays people chose, and honestly, there is not a bad looking one in the bunch.
Chris M
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