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What are Book Nook Dioramas?

So this is where it starts. My first blog post will be about book nook dioramas. Follow along as I build a lighted, dragon themed book nook diorama. Feel free to comment or ask questions and I’ll try to answer as I go. I’m not sure how often I’ll update this blog but we all have to start somewhere, right? 🙂

A little bit about me

My recent interest in making a book nook diorama has several inspirations. Firstly, my love for photography. I enjoy composing and capturing action or feelings at a particular time and place in a single static shot. He was mimicking me to see what I was seeing.

9 years later, Radu is still our curious little cat.

Secondly, I really like creating and painting tabletop gaming miniatures. Adding grass and diorama type details is a natural next step to add more detail. We have more options today because we have resin printers and laser cutters. Also, paint technology has improved.

Griffon ready to fly into a fantasy book nook.

Thirdly, as a product designer, I see an opportunity to help creative artists who struggle with the technical aspects of wiring, lighting and building the box structure. Therefore I plan to offer a full range of products to make building book nook dioramas fun and exciting!


A diorama is a static scene made with attention to detail. The primary difference between a book nook and a traditional diorama is that the latter is about creating a larger scenery hyper focused on detail. Book nooks and dioramas share many construction techniques. Dioramas are often intended for desktop display and can be found in museums. The 3D aspect of diorama models are often viewable from multiple sides.

Example diorama – – unknown maker

Book Nook Dioramas

Book nooks are a smaller form of diorama for use on a book shelf. They fit into the space of about three books. They offer the same story telling aspects of diorama with a ‘window’ that allows limited viewing from the front. The narrow footprint is well suited to alley ways, tiny rooms, caves and forests.

Example book nook –

For my Fantasy Book Nook, I decided to use a 3D printed dragon. There will be a knight at the front of the diorama facing the dragon. Because of the small internal size, I plan to light it with LED lights and a battery. If you want to see more, follow us at:

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